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CTA is a leading Northwest mergers & acquisitions – business brokerage firm focused on the sale of privately held companies and businesses within a value range of $400,000 to $20,000,000. Our integrated business sale process matches our client’s companies with vetted acquirers in a confidential manner achieving exceptional sale success results. CTA business brokers possess the current market knowledge, transactional experience, and needed skill sets, to efficiently facilitate every step in the business sale process and achieve the win – win results typically needed for a successful sale of a business.

CTA associates have been active in the Pacific Northwest business brokerage marketplace since 2005. As a priority, CTA business brokers recognize the desire of having your business sale facilitated by experts who can manage the complexity and nuances of a successful transaction which, in many cases, is our client’s life work and a primary asset. In addition, we are a performance based business broker firm and do not require any upfront fees, valuation fees, or monthly administration fees for representation. We team with our clients and only succeed when our clients succeed which is with the closed sale of a business. We excel in attracting the right buyer, negotiating acceptable terms, and directing the process through due diligence so you can continue to concentrate on running the company efficiently to ultimately achieve a successful transition to “what’s next”.

Look to CTA for an efficient business sale. Contact us to confidentially discuss the sale of your privately held company, business, or your criteria for an acquisition search, we would welcome the opportunity to have further discussion and assist in your pursuits.


We are experts in helping business owners take their companies to market and successfully transition their businesses.  Our high success rates and performance based fee structure are testaments to our results driven philosophy.  We only succeed when you succeed.


We capture your company’s unique story and then present that opportunity confidentially to a vetted group of buyers. Strict attention to confidentiality protocols provide peace of mind that the process will be contained and under the radar of employees, competitors, and vendors.

Industry Expertise

We have a thorough understanding of multiple industries.  Whether its manufacturing, wholesale distribution, industrial, service, construction trades, transportation, or ecommerce, we have a clear understanding on how to position your company to attract qualified acquirers.

Selling Your Business


Owning a company and selling one are separate priorities requiring different skill sets. Having the right advisor by your side is critical to ensure that your business moves through the transition process efficiently, in a confidential manner, and that the parties come together to arrive at the closing table. The right advisor will add value to the process by providing a qualified acquirer, guiding the parties through the due diligence process effectively, while navigating the complexity of the sale so the transaction actually closes. A qualified advisor will typically sell a company for its expected value, in a shorter time span, and be experienced on navigating sale obstacles that prevent business sale transactions from closing.

We understand that your life’s work is attached to the sale of your company and that a business is a cornerstone asset to an owner’s portfolio. It is important to team with the right business brokerage firm to successfully transition your company. CTA business brokers have the transaction experience, market knowledge, and actual abilities needed to protect and transition what you have worked hard to create. We welcome the opportunity to confidentially discuss your business sale goals and provide guidance on a range of value that the market will support for sale. Valuations are done on a complimentary basis for potential clients. Some of our clients come to market quickly and some of our clients come to market years after an initial inquiry.

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Choosing the right mergers & acquisitions – business brokerage advisor is important in your transition journey.

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