Marine Mergers and Acquisitions

The pandemic initially spelled disaster for marine mergers and acquisitions, but the sector has since rebounded, with healthy and growing deal volume, and high multiples and valuations. A well-run marine M&A process is critical to successful integration, and to realizing full deal value. The right M&A advisory firm or business broker adds significant value to the deal, and can increase the chances of successful post-closing integration. 

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Marine M&A Experts

The marine industry offers myriad opportunities for growth, but it also faces some regulatory and tax constraints, especially as inflation rises. We work with buyers and sellers to mitigate risk, manage tax liability, and expedite transactions. Our business brokers use decades of experience to support our clients all the way to integration, and sometimes beyond. 

Sell-Side Marine M&A

Retiring from or selling your marine M&A business can be exciting, but it can also be exhausting. The process requires a letter of intent, finding a qualified buyer, managing NDAs and other legal documents, expert negotiations, due diligence, and more. We work with you to establish a reasonable valuation, find an attractive buyer, negotiate the best possible offer, and prepare for closing. 

Critically, we help you focus on running your business as we oversee the sale process, ensuring your company does not lose value or brand loyalty as you move toward a sale. You deserve a skilled business broker in your corner. 

Buy-Side Marine M&A

Finding the right marine business can be challenging, even for experienced buyers. We use our years of expertise to connect buyers to the right businesses. Then we oversee the negotiation, LOI, NDA, due diligence and more, lending professional credibility and expediting the process. Whether this is your first purchase or your hundredth, we can help make buying a marine business a smooth and rewarding undertaking. 


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