Construction Trades Mergers and Acquisitions

A housing bonanza, the return of brick and mortar businesses as the pandemic winds down, and concern about future accessibility of raw materials have triggered a construction bonanza in mergers and acquisitions. Companies involved in construction and skilled trades are highly valuable. CTA’s substantial expertise in construction trades M&A can help make your next deal more profitable, more effective, and more efficient. Our business brokers help you at every stage of the journey.

Sell-Side Construction Trades Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether it’s an IPO, retiring via a sale, or a capital raise, we’re here to help owners through the sell-side M&A process in the construction trades industry. We prepare owners for due diligence, negotiations, closing, and more. We can help with valuing your business, recruiting a highly qualified buyer, and assessing the value of each offer.

Buy-Side Construction Trades Mergers and Acquisitions

Buying a construction trades business can be a significant undertaking, but also a lucrative one. Buyers need expert insight to help them raise capital, find the right business, navigate and negotiate the sale process, manage due diligence, prepare for closing, and cultivate a post-merger integration plan. We can also help with comms strategy, assessing tax liability, and approaching a business not currently on the market with an offer. A business broker prioritizes your interests and helps get the deal to closing.

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