A niched industry, landscaping has more opportunity than most owners and buyers understand. The days of closing your doors upon retirement are over. With sales and acquisitions booming as sellers become more aware of the true value of their businesses, it’s never been a better time to get in on the industry. When working with these companies, it’s important to enlist a brokerage firm with experience in the field. CTA is a premier Pacific Northwest mergers and acquisitions business brokerage that can help you find your next opportunity.    

Sell-Side Landscaping M&A Advisory

You’ve built your business up to where it is today, and you’re ready for your next endeavor. Whether you plan to merge and stay on, or sell and exit, you need a team who’s ready to advocate for you at every step along the way. The team at CTA are experts in the landscaping industry, and can help you prepare for due diligence, negotiate on your behalf, and close the deal. Your life’s work deserves the dedication of a partner like CTA so you can realize the full value of your business. 

Buy-Side Landscaping M&A Advisory

In landscaping, opportunity abounds. At CTA, we rigorously vet companies to ensure they’re the right match for buyers like you. Finding compatible goals, philosophies, and approaches are always top of mind when we put forth business options. While we’re finding the right business, we can help you raise capital, negotiate the sale, prepare for closing, and develop an integration plan for a smooth transition. CTA prioritizes your interests so you can get the deal you want.

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