From political policies to supply chain disruptions, navigating the Aerospace industry has its challenges. But the risks are often worth the rewards. Enlisting the help of a trusted M&A firm is the first step in the right direction. Explore the opportunities of Aerospace with the help of CTA, a premier Pacific Northwest mergers and acquisitions business brokerage. Whether your goal is to expand your research and development division or acquire a niche player in the market, we can help lead a strategic transformation that makes your business soar. 

Sell-Side Aerospace M&A Advisory

Selling an aerospace company is a massive undertaking. Between business valuation and maximizing value pre-sale, quality due diligence will only result in greater opportunities and outcomes for your company. Beyond that, the experts at CTA will draft your letter of intent, negotiate the deal, manage requests from buyers, and help level the playing field during negotiations.  

It’s essential to partner with a leading M&A and business brokerage firm to ensure the most advantageous results. Our M&A advisors work diligently to structure the terms of the deal to align with your goals, objectives and long-term interests. Yield better outcomes for your business. 

Buy-Side Aerospace M&A Advisory

A buyer's business goals can be specific and complex. At CTA, we take the time to match our buyers with the right companies. As we carefully vet companies, we can also assist with raising capital for your purchase. There are no competing goals at CTA, just milestones of a larger strategic plan that gets you the deal you want. 

The CTA team are also experts in post-close plans to eliminate cultural barriers, integration challenges, and communication snafus. From day one, we keep the end goal in mind, which helps us build a strategy so you can realize the full value of the deal.

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