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Why CTA ?

Market Knowledge - Transaction Experience - Industry Expertise

In most sectors of the marketplace buyers have become increasingly sophisticated in their business acquisition pursuits. CTA associates are highly knowledgeable in multiple industries and well versed on the process and factors that qualified buyers expect to be presented in an analysis of a specific company or industry. Many times, these factors are less visible to even the most successful company owners as they are different than the factors and skill sets compared to managing the day to day operations of a business. Do not leave the outcome of such a significant event as the sale of your company to happenstance or incapable stewardship. It is highly important to progress through the entire process from presentation through due diligence in an efficient manner to achieve a successful outcome. Qualified buyers typically seek qualified intermediaries to acquire quality companies from and to move through due diligence with. CTA is a performance driven firm with an extraordinary success rate of bringing qualified acquirers together with quality businesses. We do not charge any upfront fees, retainers, or administration fees. We only succeed and generate fees when you succeed. Contact us to confidentially discuss the sale of your privately held company or business we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your transition goals and how we can assist.

About Us

CTA is a leading Pacific Northwest mergers & acquisitions – business broker firm that excels in matching qualified acquirers to our client’s companies in an efficient confidential manner.  Trust and ethics are a cornerstone of our firm and an integral part of how we operate.  Straight talk, seasoned professionals, with expected results, is a motto and what you can expect when you associate with our firm. 

We are experts in business valuation, locating qualified buyers, and guiding the process through due diligence.  We only succeed when you succeed as CTA is a performance based firm that only earns a fee when your company is sold and does not require any upfront fees or administration fees for representation.  Our vast knowledge across a wide spectrum of industries is an asset and we are knowledgeable on how to present specific business models in most industries.  CTA is active in the marketplace with an extensive vetted buyer’s database and many times we already have the buyer in our system for the companies we represent. 

We are sensitive that it may be our clients first & only time to transition a company as it is their life’s work, and provide thorough guidance through the process.  Some of our prospective clients have been through the sale process multiple times and should  find our market knowledge and transactional experience refreshing. Please contact us to confidentially discuss your company and transition goals we would welcome the opportunity to learn more and see how we can assist.

What to Expect

Company transition advisors

CTA associates are knowledgeable in the marketplace, have an understanding of multiple industries, and have the transaction experience to ensure that your company transitions in an efficient manner. In combination with our integrated process of matching our client’s businesses with vetted acquirers we achieve exceptional sales results. We understand the importance of having your transaction facilitated by experts and strive to be attentive to your representation expectations while providing the expected outcome in a seamless manner.

  • Trust & Ethics

  • Market Knowledge

  • Transaction Experience

  • High Skill Set

  • Industries Expertise

  • Results Driven

Our General Focus

Choosing the right mergers & acquisitions – business brokerage advisor is important in your transition journey.

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