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The COVID-19 pandemic inspired a rapid slowdown in automotive M&A, as more people worked from home and fewer drove. But within months, the automotive industry came roaring back, with a massive increase in demand just as supply declined. Manufacturing delays and raw materials shortages continue to drive values higher in the automotive industry, making this a lucrative time to sell. Our highly experienced team of business brokers is here for you as you navigate the process. Automotive companies are generating massive products and seeing unprecedented consumer demand. Automotive M&A can increase efficiency and give you a competitive edge. But it can also be a regulatory challenge, with tax implications that affect the ultimate value of the deal. The right M&A advisory team is critical to realizing full deal value. 

Sell-Side Automotive M&A Advisory

The more time you have to prepare your automotive business for a sale, the better equipped you will be to realize the full value of the deal. We can help you with a reliable valuation, as well as preparation for due diligence, reviewing and drafting the letter of intent, negotiating the deal, managing requests from buyers, and more. The right sell-side team can help equalize the negotiations process, and is especially important if you are approached by a buyer with an offer when your company is not on the market. You deserve a business broker in your corner. 

Buy-Side Automotive M&A Advisory

Matching the right buyer to the right automotive business is half the battle when it comes to successful M&A. We help buyers find good companies, get funding, and negotiate a sale that works for their business goals. And because no sale is truly complete without an integration plan, we work with you on automotive M&A post-closing integration from day one. This includes a comms plan and a strategy for helping the deal realize its full potential value. 

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