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CTA is an active firm in the Northwest mergers & acquisitions - business brokerage marketplace and regularly reviews business opportunities for representation consideration. Although we are a Seller representation firm and represent quality profitable companies in the marketplace we also understand the analysis of a presentation from the buyers perspective. The analysis of the acquisition target should be derived from vetted credible financial information, be provided in a straightforward format, and provide a focused industry assessment of the acquisition target. We provide quality companies with transparent financial and company information for consideration. Not all of our opportunities are provided to the general market. We encourage potential acquirers to confidentiality be part of our internal database to be able to review all potential acquisition opportunities. Many times we match our opportunities to an internal acquirer and present to our internal base initially for consideration to aid in process confidentiality.

Quality Offerings

CTA represents profitable quality companies for acquisition considerations. We are active in the marketplace and generally represent companies that have an operational foundation in place where the current ownership works in an overseer capacity. Many of our client’s companies are retirement focused sales or lifestyle changes.

Vetted Information

We vet our offerings thoroughly in terms of financial information and operational knowledge.  You can expect to receive credible financials and operational information.  We provide transparent information in a clear manner so you can effectively analyze if the opportunity meets your acquisition criteria.   

Market Knowledge

CTA associates are knowledgeable of the current market, experienced in multiple industries, and are experts in the process to acquire a company.  We understand the considerations when you are acquiring a company and strive to provide credible conversation and information to help you efficiently analyze an offering.

Business Acquisitions

We can help:  Although we are a seller representation firm we are a great source of industry knowledge and transaction experience in the marketplace for all.  We are happy to be a source of information on your acquisition search.  

Win - Win Transactions:  Sellers cannot achieve their goals if buyers do not achieve their own goals.  The most efficient transactions are where both sides achieve their goals which is typically needed in a business sale.  We strive to bring quality acquirers to match to our quality offerings.

Be Prepared:  Many times there are more qualified buyers in the market than qualified companies to acquire.  Zeroing in on your search criteria, being knowledgeable on the process, and having your advisors in place if applicable, enable you to move efficiently if the correct acquisition materializes.

Data Base Participation

CTA is active in the market especially in our areas of focus and we maintain a data base of qualified individuals that are in the marketplace for these types of acquisitions as well. We hold confidentiality as confined as possible in our integrated process for representation, and accordingly, participants vetted in our internal data base are provided the initial opportunity to view our presentations. Participation in our data base can be accomplished with the following steps.

Fill out criteria questionnaire sheet pertaining to specific acquisition parameters.

Provide signed general NDA in areas of interest.

Provide personal financial statement or qualifying information for acquisition capacity.

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Choosing the right mergers & acquisitions – business brokerage advisor is important in your transition journey.

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