Mergers and acquisitions in the service industry put people and processes front and center. When you’re selling a service, you’re selling your people. Buyers similarly must vet the management team and employees, as well as the operating processes of any service sector company they intend to purchase. Our focus on service M&A advisory ensures a seamless process, from letter of intent to closing and beyond. If you’re looking to buy a service company or hoping to sell yours, CTA’s team of business brokers is here to help. 

Service M&A Sell-Side Advisory

Service sell-side M&A preparation begins with valuation. When you primarily provide services, valuation can prove challenging. We help you establish a reliable value, identify key value drivers, and work with you to get your company ready to sell. Then, we help you develop a marketing strategy that matches you with the right buyers. 

We navigate the process from start to finish, freeing you to focus on running your business so that it doesn’t lose value during the M&A process. We prepare you for due diligence, lend professional credibility to the negotiation process, and help you plan for your business’s transition well before closing. 

Service M&A Buy-Side Advisory

Buying a service business is all about the right match. You should invest in businesses that capitalize on your skill set and experience. We can help buyers assess risk, find available businesses, negotiate a sale, manage integration, and more. We also assist with due diligence, drawing upon sector-specific knowledge to determine the right due diligence approach and speed for your goals. 

It begins with a conversation about your needs. We work with you to establish reasonable expectations and secure funding. Let us help you find your next investment. Our business brokers are dedicated to your needs and vision. 

M&A Advisory for Sellers

Learn more about how CTA helps sellers successfully navigate the M&A process.

M&A Advisory for Buyers

Learn about CTA’s M&A buy-side advisory services.


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